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Most of the projects at Parish-Hadley were not complete without beautiful bed and table linens. I have carried out that tradition with my own clients as the colors, patterns, craftsmanship and quality enhance any home and add just the right touch to a very simple interior. 

When choosing table linens that will bring in the delicate beauty of nature for fall luncheons or Sunday brunch, I would be amiss if I were not to recommend some of my favorite placemats and napkins designed made in France by D. Porthault.  Countless design icons  both past and present have been devoted to the beautiful linens; Princess Grace of Monaco, Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Onassis and oftentimes when I am in the shop I see the today’s tastemakers.

A favorite is the Fougeres pattern of hand embroidered ferns on white linen which include a wonderful mixture of bright green hues, while the delicate rounded leaves fashioned on the vines of the linen napkins perfectly offset the larger foliage of the ferns. The embroidery threads add just a minimum of texture to the classic linens, hinting at the handiwork of days gone by.  Another favorite is the lilas pattern in gold, yellow, green and white.  So beautiful this time of year!

Add a floral centerpiece and crystal tumblers filled with fresh cider and a sunroom table couldn’t possibly be more inviting.

The finishing touches of linens for the bedroom, bath and dining room should never be overlooked. They are important accent pieces that are important to final flavor of the room.  It is one of the last items I design for a room but one of my favorites.

Porthault Family Home in French country side

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